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My name is Lucy Nilan

I'm the owner and maker of a small batch pottery studio creating collections of dinnerware, serving ware, decorative accents and handmade items that are colorful, detailed, modern, and timeless.  A large part of my work revolves around color and animals, even the most overlooked or odd animals. I strive to create handcrafted wares that help elevate or celebrate the daily routines of eating and living. Who says you can't enjoy your morning eggs off a plate with a chicken painted on it, celebrate that gift the chicken gave you.  No matter what, it is a privilege for me to have my work in your home, to help bring a little beauty and delight to the rhythms of everyday life.

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2008 with a BA in fine arts (emphasis in ceramics).

I started this journey of illustrated work back in 2012 and am always amazed at how much my work has grown and expanded!

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Do you want to see more of my work?

I begin most of my work on the pottery wheel. I carve and decorate my porcelain pieces with underglaze and glaze to show the fine details. A majority of my work centers around animal portraiture.  The fact that these drawings exist on objects intended for everyday use is important to me. Using handmade objects and immersing myself in the process of watercolor to pottery, creates joy. I hope people will engage with my illustrations as my work is being used, finding connections by keeping them in play long after the moments that inspired them have passed.

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You can shop online with me or at a number of boutiques across the US.

(617) 797-8138

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I look forward to your note!

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