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Customized wheel thrown butter crock. It is a two part piece, the first one being a flanged butter bowl that is meant to fit snugly in the water bowl; which is the second part.


How the French Butter Keeper Works:

Firmly pack room temperature butter into the butter bowl, and then add enough water to the water bowl to reach the brim of the butter bowl. Invert the butter bowl and place it on the water bowl. The butter now sits in the water which protects it from external elements, extending its shelf life. Nonetheless, it is still recommended to keep it in a cool dry place away from windows and stove. Change the water every few days. The butter will last for a month or more depending on brand and home conditions. Salted butter works best. When it is time to add new butter you can run the set through the dishwasher if desired. Just be sure it is completely cooled down before you add new butter, or it may slide out.

Custom butter crock

  • Each piece is individually handmade in a durable porcelain clay body. The bottom will have my stamped signature. The animal featured is painted using underglazes against the natural clay background and covered completely with a thick coat of transparent gloss glaze. The colors will never fade. It is kiln fired to 2200 degrees.

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