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These are made to order, from beginning to end the process takes about 4-6 weeks (a little longer during peak shopping seasons, I will announce deadlines if necessary).


You've already brought them into your heart, bring them into your morning or office routine. This custom tumbler is a great way to celebrate and memorialize your furry loved ones. The artwork is created by me and made to order with your personalized animal portrait. This listing is for a single 6oz tumbler.


To purchase this tumbler listing: select how many animals you would like featured. Send me a photo that best depicts the animal through my contact page or e-mail to:


I work directly from the photo that you provide, feel free to send additional photos depicting any markings or coloring that depict their personality. I use a process called Mishima to draw into the piece using wax to keep the porcelain clay clean of accidental color. I can usually fit the entire body on the tumbler, should that be your preference, that being said, facial details can get lost. After the piece is finished, I will send you a photo prior to shipping for your final approval.


*Each may slightly vary in size and shape.

custom animal tumbler

  • Each tumbler  is individually handmade in a durable porcelain clay body. The bottom will have my stamped signature. The animal featured is painted using underglazes against the natural clay background and covered completely with a thick coat of transparent gloss glaze. The colors will never fade. It is kiln fired to 2200 degrees.

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