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This may come originally from its evergreen nature; when all else in the winter wood appeared dead and lifeless, holly remained green and full of berries, giving hope for new life in the spring. In the depth of winter, sprigs of holly were often brought in the home because of this, and thus to ward away evil. It became bad luck to cut down a holly tree (a sentiment that persists to this day) and in some areas holly bushes were allowed to grow up through hedges to prevent the movement of witches, who apparently love to run along hedge-tops.


Wheel Thrown tumbler holding 6 oz at capacity.

holly tumbler

  • Each tumbler  is individually handmade in a durable porcelain clay body. The bottom will have my stamped signature. The animal featured is painted using underglazes against the natural clay background and covered completely with a thick coat of transparent gloss glaze. The colors will never fade. It is kiln fired to 2200 degrees.

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