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A 1 year olds rainbow birthday party

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Today we celebrated the day with a party, well technically it was the second time. My husband was deployed in March, so we had a mini-early-party before he left. Yesterday our D-Man officially turned one, but today we had friends and family help celebrate. Of course, because it is also Easter weekend, the sprinkles seemed fitting, you know grass and eggs. My drip frosting game, is not totally on point, but it still tasted good!

I almost regularly watch The Kitchen on the food network (among other shows) with my son, I figure he can start learning about food early instead of watching all those terrible fluffy baby channel shows. A few weeks back they had Melissa Ben-Ishay on the show showing her tie dye cake. How fun! Naturally of course I went and saved the link to do later. Let me tell you, not only was it tasty but it was so easy.

That is my cake is at the top of this post. On my end, if I were to change anything, which is so minor because I liked how it turned out, would be to add more color patterning and use smaller blobs on blobs so that there was more repeat patterning (see left). I might even do it as a 3-tier instead of a 2-tier. Another fun idea would be to do it as 3 colors instead of 6. But hey, he will have plenty of birthdays in the future so there's plenty of time to play. This is of course, should something else fun pop out of the woodwork.

Now, since I am a potter by trade, I placed the cake on my Charlotte's Web inspired cake plate. I like to test a number of my pieces for not only durability but for photography. I make dishes to use every day and to be loved, so why not add delicious food to them for your (and my) enjoyment?

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