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Studio seconds -- our whoops is your gain!

It’s your opportunity to get a 25-75% discounted price.

Handmade pottery takes a lot of time to make, therefore can be quite expensive to purchase for many people. I sell my seconds at 25%-75% off my regular prices. In selling my seconds I am able to get handmade pottery into the hands of more people.

So what is a pottery second? To me a second is a piece of pottery that does not pass my strict test to be sold as a first. A pottery second has slight imperfections, it may have a few glaze flaws, tiny pinholes, blemishes, or glaze drips. The color may not have come out as intended, that glaze may have been an experiment that I didn’t care for, a lid may not fit tight enough, there are many reasons. Sometimes its a piece that hasn’t sold and sits on my shelf for too long, therefore I need to make room for new work.

My seconds will not be heavy, clunky pottery. They will not have chips or cracks making it unsafe to use. I prefer not to make work with my name on it that is highly damaged, those pieces end up in pieces for mosaics or shards for the trash.

It’s like a Pottery Yard Sale! With lots of Pottery on Sale!

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